Jan. 3rd, 2017 09:28 pm
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I will go to my grave screaming incoherently about his mouth and eyes.


Dec. 31st, 2016 01:59 pm
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I went for a run! So now I'm wrecked, but in a good way.

I'm recovering by perusing Pinterest and came across this gem. Every time I see it, there's a split second where I think Robert's wearing tights. (If only.) It makes my mind wander to delightful places.

Happy New Year to all of you <3 Wishing you health, happiness, and an abundance of the fic of your choice in 2017.

Meanwhile, I suspect that my plans to take it easy tonight will be utterly dashed, since now we're pregaming our dinner reservation, beginning at 4pm.
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Current mood:

I've been in an inexplicable malaise for the past several days. Is it post-Christmas blues? Is it that I haven't been working out for two weeks? Am I dehydrated? Am I bored?

I need to go for a walk tomorrow, and then go out with people, and I think that'll help.

Looking at these pics couldn't hurt, either.

I'd like to write something, too, but it's hard to get myself to do anything. I should try opening the Word doc, for starters...
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I've always been very curious about this photo. Anyone know the story behind the shoot? Or perhaps more importantly, what do you suppose happened after the shoot? ;)

Meanwhile, it's 2pm and I'm still in bed. Did you know that some bars are open on Christmas? And did you also know that Rumple Minze shots are never a good idea, regardless of how festive they might seem at the time?
horizon_greene: Robert Smith eating an ice cream cone standing next to Simon Gallup (robert simon ice cream)
Because my heart can't take it.

And video, which gets majestic at the 2:51 mark.

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I thought it might benefit my ongoing effort to convince [ profile] thorne_scratch of the many merits of Robert/Simon if I collected relevant photos, gifs, videos, and quotes in one LJ post, versus what I've previously been doing, which is haphazardly shouting at her in various Google chats about the longing glances. The public kisses. The fits of laughter they inspire in each other. The longevity of it all—the slow burn of a relationship that's spanned nearly 40 years.


So, this post is just a random collection of some of my favorite Robert/Simon things, presented in the hope that the sheer volume of the content (if not necessarily the coherency) will be suitably persuasive.

Under the cut. )

Fellow Cure fans on my flist, what did I miss? What are your favorite Robert/Simon moments?
horizon_greene: Robert Smith eating an ice cream cone standing next to Simon Gallup (robert simon ice cream)
Just found a higher-quality version of my favorite gif and obviously I'm fine. (Source.)

Remember how I said earlier today that Robert should've stuck with the leather pants? ^ Exhibit A, folks.
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I got home last night after a week-long vacation in Florida, which was wonderful and sorely needed. We went fishing, parasailing, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach. I bravely scrambled hand over foot across a treacherous rocky outcropping to get to the good shelling beach—and then found no good shells. But there was a certain calmness, once the adrenaline subsided from nearly slipping to certain injury, in standing on the flatter expanse of the rocks, digging my toes into the moss and staring out at the surf, practically alone except for a lone fisherman in the waves.

I read Lol's book Cured while I was there. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing, but disappointed by how boring most of the content was. There were some interesting bits about the earliest days of the band, but I'd been hoping for some salacious, tell-all-style details, or at the very least some new insights into the murkier aspects of Cure canon—but no such luck. I still don't even know the specifics around how Robert and Simon met. It kills me sometimes to imagine how much of their canon is "analog"—trapped in dusty copies of NME in someone's basement, or on tapes in someone's closet, lost to the world.

I also made my way through a decent chunk of [ profile] dream1989's "A Night Like This," which was perfect escapist beach reading.

Tumblr was also throwing down while I was away, giving us pics like this one:

Robert should've stuck with the crimping; it suited him. (He also should've stuck with the leather pants he rocked in the early years, if we want to go down the laundry list...)

Anyway, now I'm home, having a lazy day. I'm still in bed, but will get up soon to make breakfast tacos. I also think I'll get out the crock pot for dinner; it seems like that kind of weather, finally. And I might do something with the random fragments of fic that I mapped out in my head while I was away.
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This is one of my favorite photo shoots, but I hadn't seen this particular angle before.

Don't mind me; I'll just be over here, aimlessly admiring the perspective of his hands, and mouth, and eyes, and hair. Four of his five best features :)

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I'm exhausted because of my life choices (namely, clubbing until 1:30am on a Monday), but these Robert/Simon gifs are certainly helpful.

More favorites )

I really should go to bed early, but instead I'm reading fic, as you do.
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I'm still very emotional about The Cure, several months on. So I wrote a little something, as you do.

Title: "Afterimage"
Pairing: Robert Smith/Simon Gallup
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 2,611
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] niennah for the beta, and for humoring and encouraging me along the way.

It was all connected, inextricably linked. There would always be the band, them, this—this need to exchange the fading adrenaline of a show for a different kind of rush.
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I'm having a really hard time writing right now. I can only enjoy the beauty of the struggle for so long before I become annoyed, so I'm taking a break and posting photos instead: Disintegration-era Robert, my favorite Robert.

 photo 342d6e2844c797bf17f88e6ab7995f32_zpszgsmshoe.jpg

At the height of his powers and the height of his look. )

And with that, it's back to the Word doc.
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I've been tweeting a lot about the Olympics to give the illusion that I'm not completely detached from reality, while meanwhile in another tab I'm 156 pages deep into a Cure Tumblr, adding to the collection of photos and gifs that I'm curating for obscure reasons.

So I'm trying to strike a balance on Twitter, but LJ, you're getting the full brunt of my current fascination with Robert Smith/Simon Gallup, which can't be adequately encapsulated in 140 characters, no matter how I try.

 photo tumblr_mcl9l90QSM1rvg4gpo1_1280_zps0jsrqadt.jpg

Thoughts and more pics )

So, yes. This is consuming a lot of my time.
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I'm approximately 30 years late to this party, but it's worth saying that vintage Robert Smith/Simon Gallup are pushing my every button right now. The way I look at it, there's a timelessness to beautiful boys touching/groping/kissing each other—and the photographs of these two, I have to share them.

Presented without commentary. )

The fic situation is a bit odd—practically nothing on AO3, so I've been doing a lot of fiddling with the Wayback Machine and trawling through Tumblr and old LJ comms, with limited success. There are a couple of people doing stuff that's good and/or fun, but...where is the rest of it?
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I suspect there'll come a day when I look back and regret curtailing regular posting on this LJ. Even if there isn't as much back-and-forth interaction as there used to be, it's a great reference to come back to and remember the standout moments that have happened—good, bad and ugly.

So in the spirit of recording standout moments, can I tell you about my experiences seeing The Cure twice in the past month? I'm pretty emotional about it all.

Salt Lake City and Atlanta )

Hopefully this post wasn't too disjointed—I just wanted to get it out, whatever the final form.
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So I saw The Cure last night at the Dodge Theater, and I don't even have the words to describe how affected I am by the entire experience. I suppose it's worth mentioning that for the longest time, I had no idea that The Cure were still together, still touring, still even a viable band. And I still had my doubts when Robert Smith shuffled onto the stage, looking from the neck-down like my overweight, 50-something uncle, in his faded camo pants and ratty button-up shirt. But he had black smudged around his eyes, and red smeared across his lips, and his hair was just...well, if you know The Cure, you know. Then they started playing, and Robert tilted his head just so—and he was a rock star, and I was transported.

It was just everything. The music, the lights. The light show was the best I've ever seen. The combinations of colors, and the shape of the lights...there were at least four or five separate moments, staring at the stage, that I was sure I was gazing at the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. I knew there was no way my camera phone could even remotely document what I was seeing, but I took handfuls of snapshots anyway, needing to capture it somehow. If I can ever figure out how my phone works, I'll post some of the photos.

And then there was the music itself. Lush, and glittering, and Robert's voice was amazing. And Robert. I don't know what to say. In those lights, with that music and that atmosphere, even Robert Smith seemed intermittently attractive from 31 rows back.

Yes, I sought out the slash today. No, I'm not very serious about it. I swear.


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