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Nov. 9th, 2009 09:57 pm
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I had a dream the other night that I seduced Shawn Marion. The following night, I dreamed that Boris Diaw bought me fries at McDonald's. And really...I would prefer that it had been the other way around.

I'm not sure what brought on these dreams suddenly. They've both been gone for a long time. Maybe it's because I'm growing to like these new Suns, despite myself and my initial reservations. The roster looked ghastly at the start of the season, but they're playing fast and hard, the role players have been effective, and Steve looks like an MVP again. Nothing will ever compare to Boris and Shawn and how much I loved the 05-06 Suns, but I don't hate this current team (I like them!) and that's an enormous improvement over last year.


The Cardinals were glorious on Sunday, but it's been overshadowed locally by Anquan Boldin and his simmering rage over being held out of the game by the coaching staff. He spent the entire time shadowed beneath the hood of his sweatshirt, glowering and angry and actually looking quite amazing, in his own way, but he was clearly infuriated by the situation. Or maybe he was just mad because while he was standing on the sideline in his sweats, Larry was on the field doing this with someone else. )
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Going for a run at 5:50pm tonight wasn't my smartest idea ever. 109º, full sun—I could feel my lips and eyes burning. Sometimes I don't know why I do this to myself.

Audrey and I went on a little field trip at lunch to Tim's house. He lives in an older neighborhood where they still have a municipal flood irrigation system, so he had to go home at 1:00 to "get the water." Audrey and I, who have only lived in new-ish neighborhoods, have never been able to get our heads around this water thing, so we went with him to see what it was all about. And it was amazing. There's a ditch running along the alley behind the houses, and a system of steel gates feeding into everyone's yard, and basically all the neighbors have to cooperate and work in unison, opening and closing certain gates at certain times, to make all this work. The spirit of community this requires boggles my mind. Anyway, we all kicked off our shoes and waded around in calf-deep water for half an hour while the yard flooded. It was glorious. Next time I'm bringing a raft.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals began training camp today in Flagstaff. Some friends and I have decided to go up next Saturday to watch practice and then get drunk afterwards. We're staying at a haunted hotel, which I can't say I've done before, so that should be cool. Larry + cool weather + beer + ghosts? Sounds perfect to me.

My attention has been elsewhere recently, but seeing all the photos from training camp has me completely aflutter again. It doesn't hurt that Larry and Anquan appear unusually inseparable these days.

I think Anquan is the only person affiliated with the Cards who wouldn't drop to his knees and kiss Larry's feet. I'm pretty sure Q would be more likely to tell Larry, "No, you get on your knees, and go ahead and suck my dick while you're down there." And that is why I <3 them together.

More training camp. )

Not that I'm counting or anything, but there are only 12 days until ~*The Concert*~. I got on flickr for the first time last night, and I may never leave it. There were so many non-alarming photos of Lil Wayne, I was almost disoriented.

I'm particularly in love with these black and white shots. )

That's it. I may actually go to bed early on a Friday. It's been that kind of a week.
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The Cardinals opened their 3-day mini camp today. Anquan spent the time wandering around complaining of a phantom hamstring injury, getting inconclusive MRIs, and giving cryptic interviews. It's basically his passive-aggressive way of letting the Cardinals management know how much he hates them. After being in love with him for the last few days because omg he's still on the team!!!!, I am now back to wanting to punch him in the face.

Meanwhile, Larry was very busy being scandalous in his red tights. )

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go be a third wheel (and potentially a fifth wheel). I'm fine with that, really. We'll be drinking.
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It was announced yesterday that Larry is sharing the cover for the new Madden video game. It's an honor to be on the cover, but I'm dismayed. I'm really, really freaked out by The Madden Curse. Like, really. I will be carefully monitoring him on the football field this season and as soon as his leg falls off, I'm calling Curse.

Anyway, the cover:

Admittedly I do love Larry's head here. I'm just trying to ignore the fact that it's surrounded by those blood splatter-y looking things.

He was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday to promote the game, although they barely talked about it—really a delightful interview. After Larry's super-awkward interview with Damon Weaver last week, I was a little paranoid that he might not ever conduct himself normally again. But he was adorable and charming, and the interview was short and sweet. I love DP's style of questioning, and I think he had a soothing influence on Larry, who sounded relaxed and almost a little sleepy—until he dared to ask Larry who was the best receiver in the NFL. Larry's flustered "Well, whatever, omg I'm not conceited" type of answer was <3. Audio.

Meanwhile, the first day of the NFL Draft is in the books and it looks like Anquan will remain a Cardinal <3. Relief relief relief—I didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to watch a second OTP fucked up by a trade in a little over a year :/
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Larry was on the radio yesterday, talking about his charity event on Sunday. And talking about Anquan, and sounding a tad shaky and emotional in doing so. Audio here. I <3 him.

Anquan's interview from earlier in the week here.

Oh Q.

Apr. 16th, 2009 08:09 pm
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There has been way too much drama re: Anquan Boldin the last two days, and I don't like it.

One of the local radio stations had an interview with him this afternoon, and I was enraptured. He speaks so randomly—very slowly and with these extended pauses that serve no purpose whatsoever. I find it ridiculously hot for some reason. He's so quietly furious with the organization it would almost be comical, except the end result may be a trade to some other team and that is simply no laughing matter.

Apparently he's been boxing as part of his offseason training regimen, and he's even been in the ring with "a real live human." I'm a bit mystified by this. If you've got seven metal plates and 40 screws holding your busted face together, do you really want "a real live human" taking swings at you? But, clearly he does.

I don't understand it, but I guess that's part of why I <3 him. Selfishly, I hope he doesn't get traded. I would miss him.



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