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I see you, baby. Don't think for a second I've forgotten about you. Or your tights.

There's some serious pep in the step of Cardinals' fans, because this happened finally.

I can't decide if Kevin Kolb is kind of cute, or totally not?

Wonder what Larry thinks.
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The Cardinals are officially the worst team in the NFC West—the division that is sending a team with a 7-9 record to the playoffs. /o\

Arizona is picking fifth in the NFL draft. Please, god, let something good come of this.


New Year's Eve was kind of a non-event this year. Plans got canceled at the last minute because of a friend's unexpected medical procedure, no one else was doing anything cool, and I had gone out with Auston for New Year's Eve Eve and was still incapable of proper motor function 20 hours later, so I figured it was all for the best and just stayed in. New Year's Day was spent at the Fiesta Bowl, first at the Block Party (lots of free food, most of it kind of gross, but we did the Taco Bell obstacle course and at least got some amazing hats just like these for our troubles) and then at the game itself. It was drafty and freezing even inside the dome, but it was generally fun even though I had no rooting interest in UConn or Oklahoma.

My new wool peacoat that I bought for Thanksgiving in Colorado is thoroughly broken in now after this cold spell we've had. I had to admit defeat and turn on the heater today after not using it at all for two years.

Anyway, at the end of the day I mainly just want to post this:

And do the Fandom is my Boyfriend meme. )

Not so excited about going into the office tomorrow. A five-day workweek, what is that?
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Today was Cardinals vs. Broncos, and I was there with some friends, tailgating and attending an NFL game for the very first time. We rolled up in a borrowed minivan stuffed with two tables, two coolers, six camping chairs, four tupperware bins, six people, and one propane grill. We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers in the shadow of the stadium and drank entirely too much beer, and we were in high spirits going into the game despite the less-than-ideal circumstances—a battle of horrible 3-9 teams, the Cardinals led by a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start, the Broncos led by a brand new interim head coach after firing McDaniels the prior week. We weren't expecting much.

And then, surprisingly, the Cardinals played really well, winning 43-13. Larry became the Cardinals' all-time leader in receptions. And it was great—obviously I was rooting for them—but in the end the victory weighed heavily on everyone's mind, as the Cardinals sacrificed some draft positioning as a result of their improved record.

Oh well. Some pictures. )


As we were stuck in traffic attempting to leave the parking lot, a Cardinals fan, more than a little drunk and rather feisty, yelled across at some Broncos fans:

"We suck less!!!"

That pretty much sums up this Cardinals season, but this was an awesome day. Four hours of tailgating, a Cardinals victory, and then In 'N Out on the way home. Can't complain.
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This was basically me after that match. After I was done having a stroke and crying, of course. Getting stuck watching the first set and a half at work was a new and curious form of torture. I tried to behave normally but that all went out the window after the first game. How many years do you suppose we're shaving off our lives, getting so stressed and flustered over tennis?

But it was worth it, in the end. So happy for Rafa <3. This tournament reminded me of all the reasons why I adore him. We witnessed a player at the height of his powers. Stunning to watch.

Sunday had set up to be an epic day in sports, with the US Open final, Tim pitching against San Diego, and the Cardinals vs. the Rams, all at the exact same time. The tennis postponement helped make the situation more manageable, so I flipped erratically between baseball and football for a couple of hours.

Tim <3.


Amazing again, with two RBIs, even—a sight unseen in many an age. Awesome.

I only saw bits and pieces of the Cardinals, and they were vaguely disastrous most of the time, but Larry scored a touchdown (win) and Arizona beat the Rams (clearly a win).

Not a bad 48 hours in sports <3
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If shenanigans of this nature continue through the weekend, I will be a very happy training camper come Saturday.
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Not a great offseason for the Cardinals so far.

Warner: retired
Boldin: traded to Ravens
Dansby: signed with Dolphins
Rolle: signed with Giants

I'm purposely avoiding the local sites because I know that fans are violently flinging themselves into the abyss right now. It'll be a hard transition, going from Super Bowl to probably-not-that-good in a matter of two seasons.

I'd be more panicky and upset myself, except I still have figure skating diabetes, so that keeps me pretty busy. Plus there's Johnny, and Johnny does things like this. )

I'm actually feeling pretty zen, all things considered.
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I'm perturbed about tennis right now. Very perturbed. I'm pretty superstitious and now I basically regret writing "Clarity" back in 2008, where I babbled away about Roger winning the French Open in 2009 and Rafa succumbing to debilitating knee injuries and so on. Good job, me.

Most people (myself included) believe that Kurt Warner is going to announce his retirement at this little press conference thingy he's got scheduled for Friday. And that's just depressing, there's not much else I can say about it.

Also, the Phoenix Suns. WTF are they doing, I don't even understand what I've been watching.

It was only a year ago that Rafa was on the cusp on winning three of the four Slams and the Cardinals were in the Super Bowl. How quickly things change.

So I'm a bit dismayed by sports right now. I'm going to the Suns/Mavs game tomorrow, and I will probably need a drink, except guess what? I'm in day 4 of this week-long cleanse/detox that I read about in a random copy of Glamour magazine, of all places: no salt, no added sugar, no processed foods, no wheat, no alcohol, no caffeine, no dairy (except for yogurt), no saturated fat. It hasn't been too horrific; it forces me to be creative about cooking and I've been eating fun stuff like hummus, spicy shrimp with red cabbage slaw, and (modified) chicken tikka masala. I really miss salt, though, and I'll be glad when this is over. I don't believe in dieting and I'm not even sure why I'm doing this, exactly, except maybe to prove to myself that I can.

That's valid, right?
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I don't know how many years I shaved off my life by watching this game, but that beautiful rush of euphoria when Dansby scored the winning touchdown in overtime—that's what makes sports amazing.

This was fun, too. )
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What did I spend the last three hours watching?

Usually I'm good at letting things roll off, but this is beyond. I don't understand what this even was. How could a team make so many mistakes, and look so horrifically bad, when so much is at stake?

I was getting really, really angry at the Cards. Like, irrationally angry.

And then this happened. )

The ensuing panic—as Larry was surrounded by fluttering trainers, tried to stand, collapsed, and was escorted back to the locker room—helped to temper my rage momentarily, but it didn't last.

Thankfully, Larry came back and played, but it didn't really matter. The team looked ridiculous.

At least someone managed to take a lot of nice pictures of Larry warming up. )

That's about the only positive thing to come out of this game. I have that crazy pseudo-diabetic feeling that I usually only get following Rafa's gut-wrenching losses in majors.

Meanwhile, I fell out of a malfunctioning elevator this morning, ate way too much sugar and wheat, and went on a really painful run. Not an auspicious Monday. And to think, it started out with such promise, it really did...

Well, on to Tuesday.

ETA: I should've known things would go awry when Larry tweeted this earlier.
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I had too much of all three over the long weekend, but Thanksgiving is, by far, my favorite holiday. Family, cooking, football, perfect weather. It's also the only holiday I get to spend with both of my parents at the same time. They've been divorced for nearly two decades, but in recent years my mom has been inviting my dad and stepmom to her house for Thanksgiving dinner, and it's really become a special time for me. To see my parents hug is still a strange experience, but they totally do hug, and my mom and stepmom like to hang out and go to lunch, and it is what it is, now. We spent much of the long weekend doing things together—a big, happy, extended, blended family. It's a good thing.

My dad loves to help me with household projects whenever he's in town, and this visit we installed a reverse osmosis water filtration system. It's pretty amazing, especially since we ran a line to the icemaker. Phoenix water is disgusting and my ice has always been a bit suspect—cloudy, salty, leaving mysterious white particles in the bottom of glasses as it melted—but now that we've installed the RO system, the ice is clear as diamonds.

The Cardinals snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on Sunday, but the team seems cheerful and upbeat so I'm just going to roll with it. The Suns are 14-3 and I'm starting to find Steve Nash sexy again. A little.

Oh sports.

Sep. 13th, 2009 09:06 pm
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My mom is doing better today. She's up and moving around, and told me she'd "eaten half a piece of toast!" like it was a major accomplishment. She still sounds so tired, but needless to say I'm relieved that she's improving.


Meanwhile, Rafa :(


I had about a dozen people over today to watch the Cardinals season opener. It was pretty crowded and pretty crazy, but it was so much fun. I put together this ridiculous contraption to warm up corn tortillas that involved a baking sheet, metal rack, two layers of kitchen towels, and a bunch of aluminum foil. It was intense, but it worked! Meanwhile, there were camping chairs shoved in every available space, a huge cooler on wheels in the corner, and an extension cord powering a deep fryer out on the balcony. Out of that deep fryer came the most amazing hot wings. One of Ryan's friends made them, and it makes me want to try it myself one of these days.

The game itself was a super-hot mess, so bad that Larry sprinted down the tunnel as soon as it was over, but we had lots of beer so we were somewhat numb to it. I still have a lot of beer left in the fridge, actually—at least three six-packs, if not more. I guess it's a good excuse to throw more parties.


Since my sports fandoms were so depressing today, can I share my favorite segment of Wayne's Behind the Music? He shoots himself in the chest, sucks on lemons, invents "bling", and has crazy, scary, end-of-the-world eyes. I particularly love 3:36–3:48 and 6:56–7:18. How is this even real.

Can I also mention that he was a beautiful child? Because he really was. )
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I love quiet, unplanned weekends every now and then. I did a little writing, a lot of running, had lunch with the fam on Saturday, did some cleaning and cooking. And slept. I'm not very good at sleeping these days, so I tried to make it a priority.

I cleaned out Simon's litterbox this afternoon, under his careful supervision. Usually, the moment I get the fresh litter in the box, he rushes over and clambers in and starts to pee while I fumble to try to put the lid on over the top of him, but he managed to restrain himself today. He did actively help me change the sheets later, and ended up trapped beneath layers of blankets for about 20 minutes. He's now curled at the foot of the bed, exhausted from his domestic efforts.

Last night I broke in my brand new Wusthof Classic chef's knife by making gazpacho. Chopping a cucumber has never been more exhilarating. Today I tried a new recipe for pulled pork tacos, and they are awesome. I'll be making them again for my first Cardinals party in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of the Cards, I watched their preseason game against San Diego on Saturday. I realize that it's only the preseason, but...Jesus Christ. Watching Larry get helicoptered in the end zone as the ball is intercepted right out of his hands is not what I want to see. Hot. Mess.

BTW, I think—think—it might be starting to cool down, just a little. I sense something in the air. I can't wait for fall, for so many reasons, football amongst them. But I also really want to replant my herb garden. This summer has been brutal, and about half of my herbs died (only the basil, chives, and rosemary are hanging on) as well as one of my canna lilies. In some ways, I miss my old apartment. The balcony there—with its northern exposure and abundant shade—was far more conducive to growing things.

Oh, and of course I watched tennis, and tried not to let it bother me.

Flist, what did you do this weekend?
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Going for a run at 5:50pm tonight wasn't my smartest idea ever. 109º, full sun—I could feel my lips and eyes burning. Sometimes I don't know why I do this to myself.

Audrey and I went on a little field trip at lunch to Tim's house. He lives in an older neighborhood where they still have a municipal flood irrigation system, so he had to go home at 1:00 to "get the water." Audrey and I, who have only lived in new-ish neighborhoods, have never been able to get our heads around this water thing, so we went with him to see what it was all about. And it was amazing. There's a ditch running along the alley behind the houses, and a system of steel gates feeding into everyone's yard, and basically all the neighbors have to cooperate and work in unison, opening and closing certain gates at certain times, to make all this work. The spirit of community this requires boggles my mind. Anyway, we all kicked off our shoes and waded around in calf-deep water for half an hour while the yard flooded. It was glorious. Next time I'm bringing a raft.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals began training camp today in Flagstaff. Some friends and I have decided to go up next Saturday to watch practice and then get drunk afterwards. We're staying at a haunted hotel, which I can't say I've done before, so that should be cool. Larry + cool weather + beer + ghosts? Sounds perfect to me.

My attention has been elsewhere recently, but seeing all the photos from training camp has me completely aflutter again. It doesn't hurt that Larry and Anquan appear unusually inseparable these days.

I think Anquan is the only person affiliated with the Cards who wouldn't drop to his knees and kiss Larry's feet. I'm pretty sure Q would be more likely to tell Larry, "No, you get on your knees, and go ahead and suck my dick while you're down there." And that is why I <3 them together.

More training camp. )

Not that I'm counting or anything, but there are only 12 days until ~*The Concert*~. I got on flickr for the first time last night, and I may never leave it. There were so many non-alarming photos of Lil Wayne, I was almost disoriented.

I'm particularly in love with these black and white shots. )

That's it. I may actually go to bed early on a Friday. It's been that kind of a week.
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The Cardinals opened their 3-day mini camp today. Anquan spent the time wandering around complaining of a phantom hamstring injury, getting inconclusive MRIs, and giving cryptic interviews. It's basically his passive-aggressive way of letting the Cardinals management know how much he hates them. After being in love with him for the last few days because omg he's still on the team!!!!, I am now back to wanting to punch him in the face.

Meanwhile, Larry was very busy being scandalous in his red tights. )

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go be a third wheel (and potentially a fifth wheel). I'm fine with that, really. We'll be drinking.
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It was announced yesterday that Larry is sharing the cover for the new Madden video game. It's an honor to be on the cover, but I'm dismayed. I'm really, really freaked out by The Madden Curse. Like, really. I will be carefully monitoring him on the football field this season and as soon as his leg falls off, I'm calling Curse.

Anyway, the cover:

Admittedly I do love Larry's head here. I'm just trying to ignore the fact that it's surrounded by those blood splatter-y looking things.

He was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday to promote the game, although they barely talked about it—really a delightful interview. After Larry's super-awkward interview with Damon Weaver last week, I was a little paranoid that he might not ever conduct himself normally again. But he was adorable and charming, and the interview was short and sweet. I love DP's style of questioning, and I think he had a soothing influence on Larry, who sounded relaxed and almost a little sleepy—until he dared to ask Larry who was the best receiver in the NFL. Larry's flustered "Well, whatever, omg I'm not conceited" type of answer was <3. Audio.

Meanwhile, the first day of the NFL Draft is in the books and it looks like Anquan will remain a Cardinal <3. Relief relief relief—I didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to watch a second OTP fucked up by a trade in a little over a year :/
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Larry was on the radio yesterday, talking about his charity event on Sunday. And talking about Anquan, and sounding a tad shaky and emotional in doing so. Audio here. I <3 him.

Anquan's interview from earlier in the week here.

Oh Q.

Apr. 16th, 2009 08:09 pm
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There has been way too much drama re: Anquan Boldin the last two days, and I don't like it.

One of the local radio stations had an interview with him this afternoon, and I was enraptured. He speaks so randomly—very slowly and with these extended pauses that serve no purpose whatsoever. I find it ridiculously hot for some reason. He's so quietly furious with the organization it would almost be comical, except the end result may be a trade to some other team and that is simply no laughing matter.

Apparently he's been boxing as part of his offseason training regimen, and he's even been in the ring with "a real live human." I'm a bit mystified by this. If you've got seven metal plates and 40 screws holding your busted face together, do you really want "a real live human" taking swings at you? But, clearly he does.

I don't understand it, but I guess that's part of why I <3 him. Selfishly, I hope he doesn't get traded. I would miss him.

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The Cardinals still haven't reached an agreement with Kurt Warner on a new contract. I don't understand what the problem is. I get the feeling that someone needs to be punched in the face, but I'm not sure who—Cards ownership? Management? Kurt himself? With details so sketchy at this point, it's impossible to tell.

Kurt, why aren't you signing? You have Fitz to throw the ball to. Let me repeat: you get to throw the ball to arguably the greatest receiver in the game. I don't understand the point of all of this interminable waiting.

I'm just terrified that everything is going to get fucked, and not in the way I'd like.

Meanwhile, health update: I think I'm finally getting over this respiratory ailment. \o/ There was a noticeable reduction in symptoms today. It was glorious.

However, I have a spectacular bruise on my left knee, sustained while falling off my shoe and into a kitchen cabinet this evening. There wasn't even anything going on, I was just standing there and fell off my shoe. I guess that's what I get for cleaning the kitchen in platform heels.
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I understand now why the Pro Bowl isn't a big deal. Because it's bad. Bad. Everyone is a hot mess out there.

But guess who won the MVP?

Just take a wild guess. )

During the ceremony, a flower fluttered down and landed in his hair. It was like poetry, unfolding right in front of my eyes.

Then a hula girl reached out and plucked away the flower, and that was the end of that.

Also, I stumbled upon this video of Anquan Boldin last night, and I'm a little obsessed with it. I don't know whether to laugh with him, laugh at him, or simply punch him in the face.

What NFL player asks the trainer for lip gloss? Lip gloss?!

Oh, Fitz.

Feb. 1st, 2009 10:13 pm
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I would have Larry Fitzgerald's babies. Like, for real, I would. And I don't even want kids.

I just wish—so, so much—that the Cardinals had been able to hold on tonight. They were so close, it was wrenching to watch them fail in the final seconds like that. Larry was amazing, though, legendary stuff. I loved watching him play.

For the first time ever, I'm looking forward to the start of the NFL season! Let's do it again, Cards.


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