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Yesterday was a day. The traffic getting to the game was the worst I'd ever seen. We were still in the car, going nowhere, during the military flyover, and I was having a minor meltdown because we didn't spend all that money to sit in the fucking car aslkfjalskdf. But we managed to fling ourselves into our seats in time for the first pitch, and then Jess brought me a beer, and the situation improved.

And then Tim gave up three runs in the first inning, which was an oops, but at least he looked magnificent, with his hair everywhere and this super-defiant set to his shoulders. He's very thin; curves are gone, but he's got cheekbones for days again.

And Buster was back behind the plate, and it was a beautiful thing, even if the game was not.


Photos. )
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June 14th & 15th, 2011. )

It was good to see the team. And to see Tim, even though it was mostly just the back of his head a lot of the time. I never knew I could be so enthralled by the curve of an ear, the pull of fabric across his shoulders.

I took 261 photos over the course of two games wherein Tim did not pitch. I likely need help.

Oh, Tim.

Jun. 13th, 2011 11:05 pm
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What are you doing these days? It's kind of worrying.


The Giants are in town again. I'm going to tomorrow's game, and I'm thrilled to pieces because it's my team, my boys, real baseball in a real stadium and a game that means something at last.

But it won't be Tim. Not tomorrow, not the next day, not the entire series. The schedule has been merciless and completely unhelpful and the Giants don't come back until the end of September, and this wasn't really part of the plan when I bid this team a fond farewell at the end of Spring Training and looked forward to the season. If I had known that I might potentially go the entire year without seeing Tim pitch against the Diamondbacks, I would not have been so cheerful.

I guess we'll see what happens when the Giants come back in September. Until then, I will go to Chase Field tomorrow and eat a kimchi hot dog and catch a little BP with the zoom lens and cheer for Cain and #RossIsBoss and deal with it all.
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A couple of thoughts from last night's game:

1. Tim pitching in relief on one day's rest = good for one batter only. It was interesting to see him come in to pitch the eighth inning, but it gave me a heart attack. When he gave up two hits, I nearly had a stroke. Cool experiment, appreciate the effort, thank god it didn't cost the Giants the game.

2. Brian Wilson's fame precedes him. My sister has no real working knowledge of the Giants or baseball in general, but she knows the "Fear the Beard guy."

3. There are no pictures or video of Tim during the clubhouse celebration. Seriously, if anyone has found any, let me know, because I've scoured all of the usual sources and Tim is nowhere to be seen amidst the mayhem. He was jumping around with everyone on the field, and then apparently disappeared immediately into a closet with Barry.

I had to watch this a couple of times last night, because it seemed like the thing to do :)

And then I watched this, mostly because it was there.

Also, since the Giants are playing the Texas Rangers in the WS, it seems like a viable excuse to hook Tim up with CJ Wilson. )


Drove up north to Cave Creek last night with some friends to eat fried chicken and check out a haunted house, which forced me to listen to the bottom of the eighth and then the ninth inning in the car because everyone was hungry and didn't want to wait until the game was over to leave. I was so flustered that I had to pull over to let my sister drive, but obviously everything turned out okay.

The restaurant was out of fried chicken and the haunted house didn't even exist, but we still had a great time. Beer in mason jars + barbeque + Giants champagne celebration on the TV in the bar is always going to be a win, haunted house or no.
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The Giants win the pennant!


Holy shit, what can you even say?

Torture never felt so good.

You know.

Oct. 15th, 2010 07:05 pm
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Someday, I would like to see Tim standing next to CC Sabathia, just for comparison's sake.
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I don't think I'll ever understand baseball slash. Every time I find something new and shiny (like Tim Lincecum, pitching against the Diamondbacks right now on my tv screen), I wander over to the relevant comms and look around, and there is essentially nothing to be found. Maybe I'm just not the baseball type, since I can't fathom what's going on over there.

Spent all day yesterday at the Spa at Camelback Inn getting a couple things done in the morning and then eating and being lazy out by the pool until evening. I read my old copy of The Queen & Di that I bought in London forever ago, and it was so nice to just tune out the rest of the world for a while. I wish I could afford to go there once a month, but I think if I did, I wouldn't appreciate it the same way.

Anyway, on to the five questions meme. Under the cut are questions from [livejournal.com profile] sourberrie and my corresponding answers.

Meme time. )

Reply to this post if you'd like to play and I'll give you five questions of your own :)
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It was 100º this weekend. Seriously, why. I was watching the Patriots/Titans game on Sunday, and it was dark and ominous and snowy and I could not relate. At all. I've been turning off the AC at night and leaving the windows open, and last night I spent hours sweating and sleeping fitfully. So ready for it to actually be cold someday.

Meanwhile, I need to mention again how much I love postseason baseball. I can't stand watching it during the regular season (I think there are too many games for me to take anything seriously), but I LOVE the playoffs. And I've been reading some baseball slash, as it seems like the thing to do. Mainly Jeter/Rodriguez, which is lamely obvious, but they're the only ones that intrigue me. It can't be helped.

I went with some friends to a haunted corn maze over the weekend, which was not scary in the slightest, except when an actor dressed up as the Jigsaw Killer from Saw approached us. Those movies scare the hell out of me, and I've never even seen them. (BTW, I need to know why people like Saw, because I can't figure it out at all. What's the appeal of gruesome torture? I experience borderline panic attacks just seeing the previews on television!) Anyway, we came back to my place afterwards for shrimp cocktail and shots. I have to say that nothing compares to the warm, swirling euphoria of tequila, and there's nothing in the world like the resulting hangover.
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I spent most of the afternoon with Auston. We had a long lunch at My Florist, with sangria and sandwiches and hot lava cake a la mode; and then a shorter walk through Steele Indian School Park, enjoying the lake and the sunshine and the 87º weather. He is moving to Chicago tomorrow. It was a strange goodbye, at the end of it all; I don't think either of us quite knew what to say. I'll see you, soon.

Later I went to the Suns' open practice. I haven't really been in the mood for basketball; my season tickets were delivered days ago to the condo office but I have yet to pick them up. Tonight helped, a little. Steve was so tiny and disheveled, and he breaks my heart anew every time I see him. All the little kids were calling his name and he kept turning around to smile and wave at them. Amare was there, intermittently donning huge diamond-studded sunglasses, though he didn't practice at all. (Still nursing his torn iris or what-have-you.) Somehow I keep forgetting we have Shaq on the team, even though I've had months to get used to the fact. Boris has let his hair grown long; it doesn't suit him, and I don't particularly like it. When the kids called his name he ignored them.

He still has the most devastating face.

Also, I've been watching a lot of baseball. I love postseason baseball so much, it seems silly that I can't tolerate it any other time of year.
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I'm watching Yankees/Mets right now; the more I watch baseball (which admittedly, isn't much), the more I realize I don't understand. I mean, I understand the game generally, and can tell the difference between a ball and a strike, and I know what a DH is (although I still don't fully understand how that whole thing works in interleague play), and so on and so forth, but there are a lot of little things that I just don't know. I suppose that the more you watch, the more you learn, but I struggle to muster the enthusiasm to watch consistently. I don't know why—especially since I love postseason baseball.

Transitioning to a sport that I more fully understand, today was the Hamburg final: Federer/Nadal XVI. )

After a weekend of tennis and house-hunting, I'm very happy—if a bit worn out and sleep-deprived.

ETA: I've had ESPN on all evening, and in a shocking but welcome development, SportsCenter not only had a decent recap of the match (it's amazing how much more impressive tennis is when you can actually see the ball), but one of Nadal's backhand volleys made Top Ten Plays :D


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