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Top Chef is blowing my mind this season, but I'm not as in love with Padma's outfits as I usually am. I don't understand what's happening there.

While watching Bravo this evening, I saw an ad for the new season of Million Dollar Listing. I got a little fluttery. Thank god it's coming back. I love staring at Josh, I can't even lie about it. And his grandma! Did anyone else watch this show last season? Anyone? Am I alone?

Randomly, I also discovered that Wayne's got his own episode of Behind the Music, airing Thursday at 10pm on VH1. I haven't had any reason to watch VH1 for at least five years, but I will totally be tuning in. I hope they got some good interview footage of him. I actually cannot even imagine what this will be like. Oh Behind the Music. Honestly, I didn't even realize the show was still in production.

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I cannot tear myself away from "Make Me a Supermodel." I want to, but it's impossible. I will watch anything Bravo airs, no matter how ridiculously awful it is. (Not to say that all of their programming is bad—quite the contrary. "Top Chef" and "Project Runway" are award-winning, and deservedly so.) And "Make Me a Supermodel" is deplorable—the contestants are idiots, Tyson Beckford is a miserable host, and it's just generally awkward, and not in an entertaining way, either. Why can't I just turn it off and move on with my life?!

While all this is going on, I'm also trying to finish up a fic. It's like 98% of the way there, but this last 2% is physically painful and slow-going. I'm starting to understand why I post approximately 1.25 fics per year: because I can't finish anything. And I can't finish anything because half the time I don't know wtf I'm doing.



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