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I love quiet, unplanned weekends every now and then. I did a little writing, a lot of running, had lunch with the fam on Saturday, did some cleaning and cooking. And slept. I'm not very good at sleeping these days, so I tried to make it a priority.

I cleaned out Simon's litterbox this afternoon, under his careful supervision. Usually, the moment I get the fresh litter in the box, he rushes over and clambers in and starts to pee while I fumble to try to put the lid on over the top of him, but he managed to restrain himself today. He did actively help me change the sheets later, and ended up trapped beneath layers of blankets for about 20 minutes. He's now curled at the foot of the bed, exhausted from his domestic efforts.

Last night I broke in my brand new Wusthof Classic chef's knife by making gazpacho. Chopping a cucumber has never been more exhilarating. Today I tried a new recipe for pulled pork tacos, and they are awesome. I'll be making them again for my first Cardinals party in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of the Cards, I watched their preseason game against San Diego on Saturday. I realize that it's only the preseason, but...Jesus Christ. Watching Larry get helicoptered in the end zone as the ball is intercepted right out of his hands is not what I want to see. Hot. Mess.

BTW, I think—think—it might be starting to cool down, just a little. I sense something in the air. I can't wait for fall, for so many reasons, football amongst them. But I also really want to replant my herb garden. This summer has been brutal, and about half of my herbs died (only the basil, chives, and rosemary are hanging on) as well as one of my canna lilies. In some ways, I miss my old apartment. The balcony there—with its northern exposure and abundant shade—was far more conducive to growing things.

Oh, and of course I watched tennis, and tried not to let it bother me.

Flist, what did you do this weekend?
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The light rail was an adventure on Friday. I was sitting next to a little girl, who kept elbowing me inadvertently as she ate her KFC. (Mind you, you're not even supposed to have food on the train, but that's another matter.) My ribs are sore as hell right now from coughing, so the elbowing was quite painful and I was on the verge of saying something to her. Except then we stopped at a station, and a transvestite hooker boarded the train and sat down on the other side of me, and that really took up most of my attention from that point out. She was wearing the shortest shorts I'd ever seen, and was continually readjusting herself because there was no way for that tiny amount of fabric to contain...everything. I was trying not to look—really trying. But I kind of couldn't help it at times.

Then a girl with a black trash bag and her cracked-out friend sat down across from me. The friend was periodically convulsing and yipping, in between bouts of relatively (and I use this term loosely) normal conversation. Then he discovered a particularly worrying stain on his pants (his clothes were filthy) and began licking his finger and wiping frantically at the mark. For like three straight minutes.

Anyway, turns out the black trash bag was full of drugs. I know this because they conducted a drug deal on the train. Maybe I'm just naive, but I just sat there like o.O, not really knowing how to react. Meanwhile the transvestite hooker's perfume was beginning to overwhelm me, and I debated getting off the train two stops early, but in the end I simply endured.

\o/ Metro Light Rail \o/

Last night I had some friends over for a potluck. Usually with this group, we go out for sushi, but everyone is so broke right now. So, potluck it was. I kept it pretty relaxed, and didn't instruct anyone as far as what to bring. We ended up with really good food, but every dish (with the exception of the tangerine sorbet for dessert) involved bread and/or pasta and/or potatoes, in some way. Delicious, but we were so overloaded on carbs that everyone was falling asleep by 10:30. Party animals.

Today Angie came over with her baby, Aurora. She got to see my place for the first time, and then we went out to lunch. She had a coupon for the Armadillo Grill, which is a total dive—a run-down sports bar with like 50 televisions and green everywhere: green carpet, green booths, green tabletops. We walked in with our sunglasses and heels and a baby and they didn't really know what to do with us. The hostess ended up seating us way in the back by ourselves, lol. Service was a bit slow, but the food was surprisingly good. I have to say, though, that babies are exhausting. I gave Aurora a bottle at one point, and at the end I was spent. With my ribs the way they are, it hurt so much to hold her, but even without the soreness, it's simply a lot of work! They are heavy! They are messy! They get into everything! I love Aurora, she's like a niece to me, but Angie can keep her as far as I'm concerned :D

Blah blah blah Larry etc. )
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I had a craving for shrimp cocktail tonight. I had shrimp in the freezer, but no cocktail sauce. I didn't want to go to the store, so I figured I'd make my own, since I had everything I needed—except the ketchup. So I did some research and figured out how to make homemade ketchup. Actually not that difficult, although also not quite the same (or as good) as the Heinz variety. Anyway, I whipped some up and then turned it into cocktail sauce. It was delicious, but now I have about two cups of homemade cocktail sauce that won't keep for very long. So it looks like it'll be shrimp cocktail every night for the next few days.

The entire weekend was mostly spent cooking, eating, and watching football. The Cardinals are in the NFC Championship game! And they're hosting it! A fan at the last game had the greatest sign:

Getting hotter

Starting to freeze over

Quite apropos, I think. It's a lot of fun seeing the city get behind the team (myself included!).


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