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The weekend's adventure took us to the far reaches of Southern Arizona, past Tucson and Tombstone and even further down than that. Where we found Bisbee, a former mining town and present-day artists colony. Also home to the Copper Queen, a historic and allegedly haunted hotel that counts Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne, and at least one disgruntled prostitute amongst its guests.

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Driving around after breakfast on Sunday, we inadvertently found ourselves at the Mexican border, which was exciting, but no one batted an eyelash when we made a hasty three-point turn and headed north.

It was a good weekend.
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I had a very productive home improvement sort of day today. My mom offered to buy me a new kitchen faucet as an early birthday present, so we drove over to Home Depot where I picked out this one, which I love, and then we came home and spent the next three hours installing it. It all seems so simple in theory, this whole faucet installation business, but once you get started there's all of this treachery and unexpected shenanigans. My mom does stuff around her house all the time, so she's accustomed to dealing with it, but whenever I attempt to do things I generally just flail ineffectually and then end up waiting until my dad's next visit to have him finish the project.

But, after some struggle and an additional trip back to Home Depot, we eventually succeeded. And I also bought some glazed ceramic pots for my outdoor plants (I read an article that said those were the best type of pots to have in this climate, so I'm giving it a whirl) and new halogen bulbs for the kitchen ceiling. Four of the five were burned out, so it had been rather dim in there. Now every time I go into the kitchen and turn on the lights, I startle myself. It's so BRIGHT. And my faucet is so awesome <3

The sense of accomplishment is pretty strong, I've gotta tell you.

It was also really nice to spend the day with my mom. Our relationship was so, um, horrifying when I lived with her during my last year of college that it's still a precious and amazing thing, even all this time later, that we can be friends and have so much fun together.

Meanwhile, last weekend's Jerome trip.

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I'm not sure where our haunted hotel tour will take us next. Maybe to Bisbee? But I think a return trip to Jerome is in order at some point. Highly recommend it.
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This was an alarming moment.

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Work has been a hot mess this week, so I'm looking forward to packing my bottle of Ketel One and spending a freezing weekend with my friends in Jerome, Arizona. We've booked a suite at the haunted Jerome Grand Hotel, which looks legitimately scary and I'm kind of nervous. I'm not sure what sort of nightlife we can expect from Jerome (hence the bottle of just-in-case vodka), but I suppose we'll find out.


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