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Dec. 16th, 2011 10:40 pm
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Work has been debilitating on an epic scale for the past week, capped off by a meeting with the operations manager this morning in which I was informed that they're terminating a member of my team next Tuesday. It's primarily a budget issue (although there were other performance factors that doubtless influenced the decision to select this particular person), and it's been weighing heavily on my mind all day. Terminating someone right before the holidays? Seriously? Not to mention the more worrisome issue to me: What's the motivation for the rest of my team to work hard and strive for improvement (and the pay raises and titles that come with it) when, in the end, it just puts them first in line to be let go the next time we go into cost containment mode?

Operations manager didn't really have an answer for me, and it was all pretty deflating. Plus, I'm uncomfortable with the fact that things pretty much went down like this: "Hi guys, I'm now the manager! Aaaaaaaand we've terminated our longest-tenured team member! Happy holidays!" I know my team is going to be shocked and upset once they find out, and I'm not sure how to reassure them under the circumstances, when I agree that it's a dickish move but I had no control over it.

So I'd rather not think about it right now. This job (while not without its perks) is kind of overwhelming a lot of the time.

Instead, I'm going to picspam like it's 1994, because that's how I roll when life makes me want to stab myself in the face with blunt objects.


Mostly irrelevant Stargate-heavy spam. )

Off to explore the wild west town of Wickenburg in the AM with a very pregnant friend, then tailgating at the Cardinals/Browns game on Sunday. Welcome distractions, both.
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With whom, I'm not exactly sure, but I'm sure one could find multiple possibilities in his two films.

Which is another thing. I don't understand this career trajectory: being plucked off the street for The Crying Game, earning an Oscar nomination, playing Ra in Stargate, and then essentially doing NOTHING for the rest of his life, to date. Perhaps fame didn't agree with him, which is a shame, because it would mean—after rewatching Stargate last weekend—that I'd have a lot more movies left to watch.

In any event, things in this vid go kind of sideways around the 5:10 mark, including clips of a woman being shot multiple times and an alien disintegrating via radioactive bomb. It's all very Hollywood-style, but still. Just a heads up.

I remember being so enthralled by his Stargate character when I was 13, but since that was pre-internet (at least in my house) and pre-fandom, it eventually tapered off. What did people do with their fascinations back then? Was it all just Star Trek zines and precious little else?


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