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I imagine this will make some people quite flaily. I was kind of underwhelmed, again, by red-carpet!Johnny at the GLAAD Awards, but if this appearance and subsequent tweet inspire more fic of similar quality to what I've been reading recently, then I'm all for it.

Up early to watch Rafa <3
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Charles Barkley/Johnny Weir is a crossover that does not need to happen, despite what the Tonight Show would have us believe. I knew it was going to be a volatile mix of guests (Charles, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson from Inside the NBA, plus Johnny and k.d. lang), but I never expected to be watching Johnny flirt openly with Charles—and watching Charles respond with a certain self-conscious enthusiasm as he looked Johnny up and down—repeatedly. It was one of the stranger things I've ever witnessed. I mean, I don't even know what to say.

I suppose not even Charles can resist this. )

ETA: Found a video.

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I've been spicing up the last couple of workdays by wandering around fuckyeahmashups, which could be the greatest thing [livejournal.com profile] grammar_glamour has ever pointed out to me. She recced this Lil Wayne/The Office mashup, and I'm beyond in love with this one here. There's some sketchiness too, like the Beatles/Hanson remix I came across. I love both of them separately, but together it was just total carotid artery failure.

My DVR is so full of "Be Good Johnny Weir" eps now that I'm worried I'll eventually run out of room to record documentaries about plane crashes and prostitution. I can't help myself, though, because his show is so exciting and NSFW. Here, have some exciting and NSFW Johnny Weir. )

He makes me quite happy, when he's not all botox-face on the red carpet.
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My computer is such a dinosaur that the only way I can utilize YouTube now is to grab the embed code from the webpage and post videos to LJ.

Which I have done. Oh daddy. )

This is clearly a sign that I need to give up the ghost and buy a new laptop. The thing is, I love my current titanium PowerBook G4: it's so perfect-looking and gorgeous, and I don't like the new Mac styling at all. But I think when your OS is so old that you can no longer upgrade Firefox and Norton Antivirus, and video playback is always going to be choppy and horrific no matter what changes you make, it doesn't make sense to put it off any longer.
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I'm a little freaked out by a couple of RL things right now. I'm also a little freaked out by Johnny Weir and his recent awards show appearances. Or rather, his general appearance at recent awards shows. I'm trying to move past it, but botox!face is kind of a personal squick so it's been challenging.

It's probably better to remember the good times instead:

"...so to get this MAMMOTH THING shoved in me..."

Anyway, I'm going to the Renaissance Fair this weekend for a friend's birthday celebration, and the evite blocked out pretty much my entire Saturday, from 9am to 6pm. I don't know about you, but nothing sounds more therapeutic than 9 hours of Renaissance Fair action. I also think I may have volunteered myself to be a DD.


Not Coming Out: Ur Doing it Wrong. )
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Not a great offseason for the Cardinals so far.

Warner: retired
Boldin: traded to Ravens
Dansby: signed with Dolphins
Rolle: signed with Giants

I'm purposely avoiding the local sites because I know that fans are violently flinging themselves into the abyss right now. It'll be a hard transition, going from Super Bowl to probably-not-that-good in a matter of two seasons.

I'd be more panicky and upset myself, except I still have figure skating diabetes, so that keeps me pretty busy. Plus there's Johnny, and Johnny does things like this. )

I'm actually feeling pretty zen, all things considered.
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So Johnny did a shoot for Vanity Fair. It's not quite as glittery and amazing as I'd imagined when I first saw him scampering around in this getup for some other interviews, but it's certainly not bad. Makes him look tiny.

Some outtakes. )

In other news, the bloodwork from my annual physical came back and I do not have celiac disease, so there's that. I am left with no idea what's actually wrong with me, then. How's everyone else doing?


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