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Larry Fitzgerald, reacting as I think only Larry would, to Suh getting in his face like that.

I would never ship those two, but it's nice to be reminded, every now and again, why I <3 Larry to such extents.
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I see you, baby. Don't think for a second I've forgotten about you. Or your tights.

There's some serious pep in the step of Cardinals' fans, because this happened finally.

I can't decide if Kevin Kolb is kind of cute, or totally not?

Wonder what Larry thinks.
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Today was Cardinals vs. Broncos, and I was there with some friends, tailgating and attending an NFL game for the very first time. We rolled up in a borrowed minivan stuffed with two tables, two coolers, six camping chairs, four tupperware bins, six people, and one propane grill. We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers in the shadow of the stadium and drank entirely too much beer, and we were in high spirits going into the game despite the less-than-ideal circumstances—a battle of horrible 3-9 teams, the Cardinals led by a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start, the Broncos led by a brand new interim head coach after firing McDaniels the prior week. We weren't expecting much.

And then, surprisingly, the Cardinals played really well, winning 43-13. Larry became the Cardinals' all-time leader in receptions. And it was great—obviously I was rooting for them—but in the end the victory weighed heavily on everyone's mind, as the Cardinals sacrificed some draft positioning as a result of their improved record.

Oh well. Some pictures. )


As we were stuck in traffic attempting to leave the parking lot, a Cardinals fan, more than a little drunk and rather feisty, yelled across at some Broncos fans:

"We suck less!!!"

That pretty much sums up this Cardinals season, but this was an awesome day. Four hours of tailgating, a Cardinals victory, and then In 'N Out on the way home. Can't complain.
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This was basically me after that match. After I was done having a stroke and crying, of course. Getting stuck watching the first set and a half at work was a new and curious form of torture. I tried to behave normally but that all went out the window after the first game. How many years do you suppose we're shaving off our lives, getting so stressed and flustered over tennis?

But it was worth it, in the end. So happy for Rafa <3. This tournament reminded me of all the reasons why I adore him. We witnessed a player at the height of his powers. Stunning to watch.

Sunday had set up to be an epic day in sports, with the US Open final, Tim pitching against San Diego, and the Cardinals vs. the Rams, all at the exact same time. The tennis postponement helped make the situation more manageable, so I flipped erratically between baseball and football for a couple of hours.

Tim <3.


Amazing again, with two RBIs, even—a sight unseen in many an age. Awesome.

I only saw bits and pieces of the Cardinals, and they were vaguely disastrous most of the time, but Larry scored a touchdown (win) and Arizona beat the Rams (clearly a win).

Not a bad 48 hours in sports <3
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If shenanigans of this nature continue through the weekend, I will be a very happy training camper come Saturday.
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Larry was at the Suns game tonight, wearing bright yellow capris, talking with his older gentlemanly friend, and intermittently golf-clapping.

His hair looked magnificent.

The halftime entertainment was this guy, who frolicked around the court performing the Macarena, YMCA, and other assorted dance moves, accompanied by stuffed Village People mannequin puppets attached to his body by a system of poles. Now, I realize that NBA halftime entertainment is hardly the pinnacle of performing arts, but this was honestly beyond anything I ever expected to be subjected to at a professional sporting event.

When I left after the game, the air was full of smoke. There had been talk of immigration protests outside the arena, and for a minute I was worried that maybe there had been a riot and something had been set on fire? But apparently it was just a mulch plant, slowly burning out in the west valley, and the smoke had finally blown downtown.


Went out for a belated birthday lunch today at Zinburger (amazing) and received a lovely gift (an orchid). It has been a good day :)
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I don't know how many years I shaved off my life by watching this game, but that beautiful rush of euphoria when Dansby scored the winning touchdown in overtime—that's what makes sports amazing.

This was fun, too. )
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What did I spend the last three hours watching?

Usually I'm good at letting things roll off, but this is beyond. I don't understand what this even was. How could a team make so many mistakes, and look so horrifically bad, when so much is at stake?

I was getting really, really angry at the Cards. Like, irrationally angry.

And then this happened. )

The ensuing panic—as Larry was surrounded by fluttering trainers, tried to stand, collapsed, and was escorted back to the locker room—helped to temper my rage momentarily, but it didn't last.

Thankfully, Larry came back and played, but it didn't really matter. The team looked ridiculous.

At least someone managed to take a lot of nice pictures of Larry warming up. )

That's about the only positive thing to come out of this game. I have that crazy pseudo-diabetic feeling that I usually only get following Rafa's gut-wrenching losses in majors.

Meanwhile, I fell out of a malfunctioning elevator this morning, ate way too much sugar and wheat, and went on a really painful run. Not an auspicious Monday. And to think, it started out with such promise, it really did...

Well, on to Tuesday.

ETA: I should've known things would go awry when Larry tweeted this earlier.

Arizona <3

Nov. 9th, 2009 09:57 pm
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I had a dream the other night that I seduced Shawn Marion. The following night, I dreamed that Boris Diaw bought me fries at McDonald's. And really...I would prefer that it had been the other way around.

I'm not sure what brought on these dreams suddenly. They've both been gone for a long time. Maybe it's because I'm growing to like these new Suns, despite myself and my initial reservations. The roster looked ghastly at the start of the season, but they're playing fast and hard, the role players have been effective, and Steve looks like an MVP again. Nothing will ever compare to Boris and Shawn and how much I loved the 05-06 Suns, but I don't hate this current team (I like them!) and that's an enormous improvement over last year.


The Cardinals were glorious on Sunday, but it's been overshadowed locally by Anquan Boldin and his simmering rage over being held out of the game by the coaching staff. He spent the entire time shadowed beneath the hood of his sweatshirt, glowering and angry and actually looking quite amazing, in his own way, but he was clearly infuriated by the situation. Or maybe he was just mad because while he was standing on the sideline in his sweats, Larry was on the field doing this with someone else. )

Larry <3

Aug. 29th, 2009 09:16 am
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After going his entire career without a single shirtless photo, Larry not only took it off for Men's Fitness, but he's also now stripping and getting sweaty for Visa commercials.

A gratuitous screenshot, plus the video in its entirety. )

Not that I'm complaining, by any means. Better late than never.

He showed flashes of the old brilliance in yesterday's game, and I got a little fluttery. Preseason Larry. )

As much as I may despise his Twitter, I do still <3 him. And I'll never get over his smile, or the angle of his cheekbones, or the lines around his eyes. I think he's amazing.
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Larry's busy being tiny-waisted and aggressive with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. It's all smiles and jokes here, but let's not forget that Larry and DRC were involved in an angry shoving match recently. I find them very intriguing, honestly.

I suppose that's a good thing, since Larry's twitter has just about ruined the magic for me. There was a moment today where I thought he was actually making a humorous comment, and I felt this rush of hope—and then realized he was talking about something completely different than what I thought he was referring to, and it turned out to be utterly not-funny. Oh Larry. When he's not busy misspelling words, ignoring the most basic standards of punctuation, and being horrifically boring, he's tweeting about being a dad and posting pics of his son and claiming to be straight, and I just can't work with that very efficiently. It makes me tired.

I finished Azadeh Moaveni's Honeymoon in Tehran earlier tonight, so that leaves me with zero books to read now. I've been on a Middle East kick recently, and I think I'd like to continue with it. Can anyone recommend any relevant books? Fiction or non-fiction, I'm down with whatever. I'd welcome the distraction, honestly, because after watching a BBC America documentary about men who have romantic/sexual relationships with life-sized dolls and viewing a (almost certainly Photoshopped, but nonetheless!) photo of Lil Wayne with no clothes on (NSFW, obviously), I'm feeling a bit fragile.
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I've been thinking about buying a gun for a while. Ever since I met Crazy Neighbor (not to be confused with Gorgeous Neighbor) almost a year ago, who disturbed me more than I can say, I've been pondering it a little more seriously. I live alone, and my bedroom is on the third floor, with no way to escape except jumping from the window—which isn't particularly appealing. It's occurred to me, more than once, that someday I might need to protect myself, and the mace I keep in my bedside table might not be enough.

I grew up with guns—my dad is an avid hunter and has a large assortment of rifles and shotguns, and for years, my mom kept a gun on the top shelf in her bedroom closet. It's something that's normal to me, and familiar. I've hunted, and I've been firing guns since I was 8 years old.

It's different, though, when I'm thinking about getting my own gun, to keep in my own house, and I'm not totally comfortable with it yet, to be honest.

While I was visiting my dad, he and I went to a couple of sporting goods stores and looked at pistols. My dad was very helpful and informative and gave me a lot of good advice. It was good to look, I think, and get an idea of what's out there and what my options are.

After we looked around, we took my dad's revolver out to the shooting range for a bit. I hadn't fired a handgun in a decade, probably. I was nervous about it, wasn't sure what the gun would do, how it would react when I fired it. I'm so accustomed to bracing myself against something to shoot a rifle that to just stand there, holding this gun in outstretched arms, was very bizarre and uncomfortable at first. But I got over it and shot about 30 rounds, until my trigger finger started to bleed. I figured that was a good time to stop.

I haven't decided yet what I want to do, but I feel more informed now, and that's a start.


Meanwhile, Larry has finally bared himself to the world in a spread for Men's Fitness.


It's a sexy idea—Larry in nothing but gloves and his Cardinals shorts, vaguely unlaced—but I'm not a huge fan of the photos. Granted, I love that he finally took his shirt off after all this time, but I'm not really feeling his head in these. I don't know who was directing the shoot, but I don't think that "vacant tension" is the best look for Larry. Rod has all the pertinent scans here for those who are interested.
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Going for a run at 5:50pm tonight wasn't my smartest idea ever. 109º, full sun—I could feel my lips and eyes burning. Sometimes I don't know why I do this to myself.

Audrey and I went on a little field trip at lunch to Tim's house. He lives in an older neighborhood where they still have a municipal flood irrigation system, so he had to go home at 1:00 to "get the water." Audrey and I, who have only lived in new-ish neighborhoods, have never been able to get our heads around this water thing, so we went with him to see what it was all about. And it was amazing. There's a ditch running along the alley behind the houses, and a system of steel gates feeding into everyone's yard, and basically all the neighbors have to cooperate and work in unison, opening and closing certain gates at certain times, to make all this work. The spirit of community this requires boggles my mind. Anyway, we all kicked off our shoes and waded around in calf-deep water for half an hour while the yard flooded. It was glorious. Next time I'm bringing a raft.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals began training camp today in Flagstaff. Some friends and I have decided to go up next Saturday to watch practice and then get drunk afterwards. We're staying at a haunted hotel, which I can't say I've done before, so that should be cool. Larry + cool weather + beer + ghosts? Sounds perfect to me.

My attention has been elsewhere recently, but seeing all the photos from training camp has me completely aflutter again. It doesn't hurt that Larry and Anquan appear unusually inseparable these days.

I think Anquan is the only person affiliated with the Cards who wouldn't drop to his knees and kiss Larry's feet. I'm pretty sure Q would be more likely to tell Larry, "No, you get on your knees, and go ahead and suck my dick while you're down there." And that is why I <3 them together.

More training camp. )

Not that I'm counting or anything, but there are only 12 days until ~*The Concert*~. I got on flickr for the first time last night, and I may never leave it. There were so many non-alarming photos of Lil Wayne, I was almost disoriented.

I'm particularly in love with these black and white shots. )

That's it. I may actually go to bed early on a Friday. It's been that kind of a week.
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Larry. Where. Are your pants.


I think the look on Kurt's face says it all. Could Larry be wearing any more shirts? And yet his shorts are just...gone?

o.O Clingy shorts-less Larry. )
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So it appears that Larry is on Twitter. He says "good day" a lot, which is kind of a weird thing, and I don't find it very entertaining so far. But I'll be keeping tabs on his page just the same.

Also, Mike Sando, who blogs for the NFC West on espn.com, is now my friend on Facebook. We messaged back and forth a few times the other night, talking about the Cardinals. I'm barely ever on Facebook, but it's a fun thing to have Sando in the fold.

Also, the Arizona Republic interviewed me this morning for an article about the farmers market. I've been in the style section on azcentral.com a time or two looking like a fool after getting caught in a monsoon and things of that nature, but I've never been interviewed for an actual article in the actual print paper. It was cool :)

Jeanne is coming over for fried chicken and hard cider tonight. I haven't seen her since the layoffs—hopefully a girls night and some alcohol will cheer her up a little.
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I booked plane tickets for Vegas today. And, like an idiot, I totally booked them backwards: Las Vegas > Phoenix on Friday and then Phoenix > Las Vegas on Sunday. That itinerary, of course, is of no use to me whatsoever. And the irony is that Audrey was leaning over my shoulder as I booked, helping me make sure that we had the dates correct, that we had the times right, that all names were properly spelled. It never occurred to me that I might have screwed up the departure cities.

Luckily I double-checked my emailed confirmation—and immediately had a panic attack.

Fortunately, we booked our flights on Southwest Airlines, so after some frantic clicking around the website, I was able to change the reservation and only had to pay the difference in fare—no other fees. I seriously love Southwest. Embarrassingly, this isn't the first time I've screwed up an airline reservation, but the previous instance was also with Southwest, and after phoning customer service, they had me on the correct flight for no extra charge. I cannot say enough nice things about them. The fact that now you can modify your itinerary online, without a call of shame wherein you must admit that you're an idiot who can't properly make an airline reservation, just makes me love them even more.


The Cardinals started OTAs today. I was happily awaiting new photos of Larry's head, when instead I came across this message from the Cardinals' official blogger:

Prelim count has 73 of 85 players here for OTA first day. Voluntary, remember. No Q or Dock. Heard Warner and Fitz had something.

What. What? Had what? Had the flu? Had a prior commitment? Had sex and were too tired to attend practice? Some of us need further information. Is someone's leg falling off?

Further random Larry, in the meantime. )
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I love running, and I love Larry. Larry apparently loves running, too, according to Nike.

This website totally doesn't play nice on my Mac, but I don't care. The struggle is worth it. It makes me want new running shoes, too, but after four years of loyalty, I'm thinking I might try a different brand. I'm not convinced Nike is the best anymore, honestly—even if Larry is splashed all over their website, sans tights and looking gorgeous and fit.
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The Cardinals opened their 3-day mini camp today. Anquan spent the time wandering around complaining of a phantom hamstring injury, getting inconclusive MRIs, and giving cryptic interviews. It's basically his passive-aggressive way of letting the Cardinals management know how much he hates them. After being in love with him for the last few days because omg he's still on the team!!!!, I am now back to wanting to punch him in the face.

Meanwhile, Larry was very busy being scandalous in his red tights. )

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go be a third wheel (and potentially a fifth wheel). I'm fine with that, really. We'll be drinking.
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It was announced yesterday that Larry is sharing the cover for the new Madden video game. It's an honor to be on the cover, but I'm dismayed. I'm really, really freaked out by The Madden Curse. Like, really. I will be carefully monitoring him on the football field this season and as soon as his leg falls off, I'm calling Curse.

Anyway, the cover:

Admittedly I do love Larry's head here. I'm just trying to ignore the fact that it's surrounded by those blood splatter-y looking things.

He was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show yesterday to promote the game, although they barely talked about it—really a delightful interview. After Larry's super-awkward interview with Damon Weaver last week, I was a little paranoid that he might not ever conduct himself normally again. But he was adorable and charming, and the interview was short and sweet. I love DP's style of questioning, and I think he had a soothing influence on Larry, who sounded relaxed and almost a little sleepy—until he dared to ask Larry who was the best receiver in the NFL. Larry's flustered "Well, whatever, omg I'm not conceited" type of answer was <3. Audio.

Meanwhile, the first day of the NFL Draft is in the books and it looks like Anquan will remain a Cardinal <3. Relief relief relief—I didn't even want to imagine what it would be like to watch a second OTP fucked up by a trade in a little over a year :/
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A child in a tiny suit interviews Larry at Anquan's charity event. This is simultaneously the best and the worst thing I have ever seen.

Good lord, words fail me.

From Sunday: Larry and Kurt Walk It Out under the cut. )


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