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Today was Cardinals vs. Broncos, and I was there with some friends, tailgating and attending an NFL game for the very first time. We rolled up in a borrowed minivan stuffed with two tables, two coolers, six camping chairs, four tupperware bins, six people, and one propane grill. We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers in the shadow of the stadium and drank entirely too much beer, and we were in high spirits going into the game despite the less-than-ideal circumstances—a battle of horrible 3-9 teams, the Cardinals led by a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start, the Broncos led by a brand new interim head coach after firing McDaniels the prior week. We weren't expecting much.

And then, surprisingly, the Cardinals played really well, winning 43-13. Larry became the Cardinals' all-time leader in receptions. And it was great—obviously I was rooting for them—but in the end the victory weighed heavily on everyone's mind, as the Cardinals sacrificed some draft positioning as a result of their improved record.

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As we were stuck in traffic attempting to leave the parking lot, a Cardinals fan, more than a little drunk and rather feisty, yelled across at some Broncos fans:

"We suck less!!!"

That pretty much sums up this Cardinals season, but this was an awesome day. Four hours of tailgating, a Cardinals victory, and then In 'N Out on the way home. Can't complain.
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Larry was at the Suns game tonight, wearing bright yellow capris, talking with his older gentlemanly friend, and intermittently golf-clapping.

His hair looked magnificent.

The halftime entertainment was this guy, who frolicked around the court performing the Macarena, YMCA, and other assorted dance moves, accompanied by stuffed Village People mannequin puppets attached to his body by a system of poles. Now, I realize that NBA halftime entertainment is hardly the pinnacle of performing arts, but this was honestly beyond anything I ever expected to be subjected to at a professional sporting event.

When I left after the game, the air was full of smoke. There had been talk of immigration protests outside the arena, and for a minute I was worried that maybe there had been a riot and something had been set on fire? But apparently it was just a mulch plant, slowly burning out in the west valley, and the smoke had finally blown downtown.


Went out for a belated birthday lunch today at Zinburger (amazing) and received a lovely gift (an orchid). It has been a good day :)
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Just got back a little while ago from Larry's Assist 4 Africa charity basketball game. Such a good time :) I got to spend two hours in close proximity to his head (as well as the rest of his body) and it was delightful.

He's a pretty decent basketball player, too. Poor defender and terrible 3-point shooter, but he's an excellent ball-handler (not that this shocks me) and great around the hoop and on the fastbreak.

By the way, he is beautiful.

Some pictures. )

At one point, they played "Walk It Out" over the PA and Kurt and Larry had a dance-off. (Yes, Kurt was totally there and I didn't take a single picture of him. I'm sorry, but who would, with Larry and his head there?) I have to say that despite the fact that he's 38 years old and coming off of a recent hip surgery, Kurt totally owned Larry in the dance-off. But Larry had a huge, gorgeous smile on his face the entire time so I sort of feel like everyone won.
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So I'm sitting in my seat at Suns/Celtics today, minding my own business, when suddenly Jeanne starts flailing and grabbing at me. I look down to where she's gesturing, and sure enough, it's Larry, walking to his courtside seat. And once again, he was sitting right in front of us. Way, way down there, but directly below us nonetheless, and this time the angle was far more conducive to staring without looking like too much of a creep. I didn't bring my camera, though, and didn't bother with the one on my phone, he was so far away—so no pictures, sadly.

He looked amazing, beautiful, signed autographs for the dozens of little kids that tiptoed up to him, and was generally glorious. At one point they showed him on the jumbotron, to much acclaim, smiling away, and for the longest time he didn't even realize it was happening. Finally you could see him wondering wtf all the commotion was about. He glanced up, saw himself, and was like, "oh hai!" and waved. I seriously <3 him.

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