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Today was Cardinals vs. Broncos, and I was there with some friends, tailgating and attending an NFL game for the very first time. We rolled up in a borrowed minivan stuffed with two tables, two coolers, six camping chairs, four tupperware bins, six people, and one propane grill. We cooked hot dogs and hamburgers in the shadow of the stadium and drank entirely too much beer, and we were in high spirits going into the game despite the less-than-ideal circumstances—a battle of horrible 3-9 teams, the Cardinals led by a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start, the Broncos led by a brand new interim head coach after firing McDaniels the prior week. We weren't expecting much.

And then, surprisingly, the Cardinals played really well, winning 43-13. Larry became the Cardinals' all-time leader in receptions. And it was great—obviously I was rooting for them—but in the end the victory weighed heavily on everyone's mind, as the Cardinals sacrificed some draft positioning as a result of their improved record.

Oh well. Some pictures. )


As we were stuck in traffic attempting to leave the parking lot, a Cardinals fan, more than a little drunk and rather feisty, yelled across at some Broncos fans:

"We suck less!!!"

That pretty much sums up this Cardinals season, but this was an awesome day. Four hours of tailgating, a Cardinals victory, and then In 'N Out on the way home. Can't complain.
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Went up to Sedona for the weekend. Just the girls this time, so no big gay weddings and no drag queens. It was gorgeous and a lot of fun, even though I was perpetually cold. Apparently my idea of 61 degrees isn't very accurate, especially when the wind is blowing like crazy the entire time; in the future I will bring more clothes. And a legitimate coat.

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Meanwhile, I'm writing actual Posey/Lincecum (which in large part I blame on this gif), but it's kind of a weird thing.

Especially when I find Zito/Lincecum gifs of this variety. )

Tim and Barry just seem perfectly suited to each other, IMO, so this sudden influx of Posey/Lincecum shenanigans in my own head has me unsettled. And yet, here I am writing it.

So, there's that. A good weekend.
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Third weekend in a row of frantic activity. I'm looking forward to next weekend (when I have absolutely nothing planned) more than I can quantify.

This was a really fun weekend, though: bridal shower and bachelorette party for a college friend. We had afternoon tea at the Ritz and then dinner and bar-hopping in Scottsdale before crashing at the Hotel Valley Ho. Not my normal weekend routine, but we had a fantastic time.

Some photos. )

Meanwhile, I'm about 2,000 words into a prostitution AU that has me in a frenzy researching everything from long toss to the average springtime temperature in Kentucky to which schools make up the SEC. It's borderline migraine-inducing. Funnily enough, my dad unwittingly assisted me with one aspect of my research. Is that a bad thing, that my dad helped out with my hooker!AU? I can't decide.


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:57 pm
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Last weekend, we rented a charmingly out-of-date cabin in Pinetop and had a tiny, amazing break from the heat. There were morning hikes, champagne on the deck in the afternoons, and steakhouses and thunderstorms in the evenings. It was a beautiful thing to sleep with the windows open again.

We also happened upon some of the most epic mushrooms ever.


More photos. Mostly of mushrooms. Some landscape shots, too. )


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