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I adopted this little turkey.

Best decision ever. )

And to think, it almost didn't happen, because I had just bought my condo and everything was a clusterfuck as I was trying to move in and my dad was staying in my house to help me and having a brand-new kitten seemed like way too many shenanigans—

But it worked out. Happy belated adoption day, punk!
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...I look at these pictures every day. )

I miss the little punk, and his dinosaur claws.

Drawer Cat.

Jan. 3rd, 2011 11:49 pm
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Simon was napping in an open dresser drawer earlier. I could not resist.


My camera, however, was not quite so willing.

Gratuitous pet photos plus adventures in photography under the cut. )

At some point I have to get a better camera, for real.

ETA: Photoshop is awesome. )
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I feel sick. Not sure I'm a huge fan of Rocky Mountain oysters.

Or maybe it was the three pitchers of beer. Hard to say.

Curled up in bed right now with Simon, watching "Ice Road Truckers" and poking at some fic while trying to decide how nauseous I truly am. Simon turned two years old yesterday, btw! I can barely remember what life was like without the little punker <3
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I love quiet, unplanned weekends every now and then. I did a little writing, a lot of running, had lunch with the fam on Saturday, did some cleaning and cooking. And slept. I'm not very good at sleeping these days, so I tried to make it a priority.

I cleaned out Simon's litterbox this afternoon, under his careful supervision. Usually, the moment I get the fresh litter in the box, he rushes over and clambers in and starts to pee while I fumble to try to put the lid on over the top of him, but he managed to restrain himself today. He did actively help me change the sheets later, and ended up trapped beneath layers of blankets for about 20 minutes. He's now curled at the foot of the bed, exhausted from his domestic efforts.

Last night I broke in my brand new Wusthof Classic chef's knife by making gazpacho. Chopping a cucumber has never been more exhilarating. Today I tried a new recipe for pulled pork tacos, and they are awesome. I'll be making them again for my first Cardinals party in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of the Cards, I watched their preseason game against San Diego on Saturday. I realize that it's only the preseason, but...Jesus Christ. Watching Larry get helicoptered in the end zone as the ball is intercepted right out of his hands is not what I want to see. Hot. Mess.

BTW, I think—think—it might be starting to cool down, just a little. I sense something in the air. I can't wait for fall, for so many reasons, football amongst them. But I also really want to replant my herb garden. This summer has been brutal, and about half of my herbs died (only the basil, chives, and rosemary are hanging on) as well as one of my canna lilies. In some ways, I miss my old apartment. The balcony there—with its northern exposure and abundant shade—was far more conducive to growing things.

Oh, and of course I watched tennis, and tried not to let it bother me.

Flist, what did you do this weekend?
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Last year, when Rafa lost in the US Open, with the falling down on the court and the tape tattered and fluttering around his knees, I was so devastated that I couldn't sleep for the first night and I felt physically ill for days. But this year is so different. After the French, and Wimbledon, and the Olympics, I don't feel like I have any right to feel bad about this. And so, I don't. (He won Wimbledon! He fucking won Wimbledon, and in so doing fulfilled his dreams and granted my dearest sports wish, and I told myself at the time that anything else Rafa accomplished this year would just be the icing on the cake. And it has been.)

And besides, Murray played so well, and he deserves it. I just hope he gives Roger a run for his money tomorrow. It's always irritating when someone plays a transcendent match to beat Rafa and then flames out spectacularly in the next round.

For all the Brits on my flist, you have my sympathy. I'm sure the press is going nuts right about now.


I've been training Simon a little bit, and he just mastered the "sit" command. I'm kind of proud, I have to admit :D I'm not sure what good will come of this skill, but he has it nonetheless. Unfortunately I didn't realize that I needed to train him not to destroy the canna lily that I brought inside from the balcony yesterday. I woke up to a hot mess of potting soil in the kitchen, and I'm pretty sure the plant has had it. But I replanted it and I'm hoping for the best. I'm a bit attached to my plants and I'd hate to see this one die as it was particularly lovely before it started getting fried to a crisp in the summer sun.
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I'm in my new place. I haven't had anything remotely resembling a normal routine for the past five days, and my condo is a flurry of boxes and it doesn't really feel like home yet, but I'm here :)

And I'm back on the internet! I haven't had internet (except at work) or cable since last Friday. That's quite a long time for me, but it's finally all set up and working properly. I had to switch cable providers, which has been annoying, and the new graphics are ridiculously ugly and I have no idea what channel is what, but I do have the Tennis Channel at long last. It hasn't been very useful yet—so far I've just seen a lot of World Team Tennis and WTA action, but whatever. I'm sure I'll be glad to have it soon enough.

Also, I got a new little baby on Sunday—a 7-week old, charcoal grey kitten I've named Simon. Pictures coming as soon as I figure out which box contains the charger for my camera...


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