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Good Beatles fic: Does anyone know where it is? I've been looking for days and I've found exactly three so far. Confusing.

On the plus side, I stumbled across some really amazing fanart last night. It's not usually part of my fandom experience, but fionafu0402's art is so charming, I was inexorably drawn in. NSFW most likely, and one scene of dubious consent.

I watched a bit of the Spurs/Clippers game tonight. I still get PTSD when I hear that "Go Spurs Go" chant; I should probably learn to get past it. At the end of the game, Boris Diaw grabbed Tony Parker's thigh, and then his hand, and I had Feelings about it. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that Boris is consistently referred to as a Valuable Late-Season Acquisition by ESPN broadcasters. I loved him more than most, but that's a shit ton of Kool-Aid even by my standards.
horizon_greene: Robert Smith singing (lennon/mccartney)

Mother's Day brunch at the Wrigley Mansion was randomly awesome. Alvin Gentry (head coach of the Phoenix Suns) and his adorable family were seated at the table next to us. The chairs were so old and rickety and loose that you could have hula hooped in them. My sister found a misshapen pearl in her plate of cold seafood. I ate the best macarons of my entire life. A+, would do again next year. (Hopefully they tighten up the furniture in the interim.)

I went to see an amazing Beatles tribute band called Rain on Thursday night, by the way. I've seen Beatles tribute bands on several other occasions, and Rain once before, but this was the first time that my mind was truly blown. I think it helped that it was a slightly different cast this time and "Paul" didn't appear to be fifty-something, which has always ruined the illusion for me in the past. Although, really, having a Paul who doesn't play left-handed is a pretty big no-no in and of itself, but I'm willing to overlook it in this instance since we basically had this McCartney/Adam Lambert hybrid creature who played well and sang convincingly, so. There was that.

It really was a fantastic concert, in the end. There were moments where you could almost believe It Was Them, or at least have some sense of what it must have been like, which is as close as someone like me will ever get. Loved it.

And of course I went back and combed through the fic again, like you do. It makes me wonder if anyone was writing Beatles fic in the 60s? And if so, where is it? Is it stashed away somewhere—a stack of typewritten pages, or a spiral notebook, or something—and I wonder if any of it has seen the light of day in the internet age, or if it ever will. I would love to read fic written in real-time, get that particular voice and narrative without the inevitable distortion that comes with history and perspective. I want bandom from the Summer of Love; I wonder if that's too much to ask?

Meanwhile, The Avengers, Thor/Loki, eating my brain, etc. etc. (How I can't find a Thor/Loki fanvid to Adele's "Someone Like You"—this I do not understand.)


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