Oct. 29th, 2013 11:26 pm
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Before I embarked on my DC trip last weekend, a handful of my coworkers anxiously implored me not to meet some guy and fall in love while I was there. I didn't meet a guy, but I did fall deeply and instantaneously in love with the city itself. It's how I expected to feel about San Francisco—and then didn't—and now here I am, feeling it about someplace else entirely.

I was amazed by everything. The strikingly clear weather. The fact that I could dust off my fall clothes and actually wear them. The joyful travel-aided transition from acquaintances to friends. Our confusion at whether we were indeed gazing upon the White House. (Thanks to Google Images, we were able to confirm that we were.) Seeing Audrey, dear friend, light of my life, and fellow ghost-hunting enthusiast, for the first time in nearly a year. Vodka shots, at long last, with [livejournal.com profile] thorne_scratch. The Loews Madison Hotel. The bed at the Loews Madison Hotel, and sleeping for 11 hours straight, dead to the world, behind blackout drapes. Georgetown Cupcake. The seemingly endless parade of good-looking men. The insanely beautiful view of the Potomac as we walked across the Key Bridge to Arlington. Cheering friends across the finish line of the Marine Corps Marathon. Dinner at Oyamél. Feeling at home, and crazily happy, in this wonderful place.

Pics. )

I didn't want to come home. I'm becoming increasingly restless in Phoenix—I've built a life here, a good life, but I feel more and more like another life is waiting for me somewhere else. Maybe in DC, maybe not. It has definitely given me something to think about.


Oct. 21st, 2013 09:34 pm
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Annual family vacay in Sarasota, Florida, was amazing—that place is just magical, I can't even identify what it is. Maybe it was the nightly mojitos. Or the sand and the surf and the sticky, broiling sunlight (so different from Arizona). Or the long, humid runs under the fraying edges of a tropical depression.

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If not for the fact that the demographic is skewed so sharply towards the 60+ set, I'd be inclined to move there. As it is, however, I'll stick with visiting—but when I retire in a few decades? It's on, FLA.
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Two close friends got Mauied last Saturday, and I can think of few better reasons for a trip to Hawaii to celebrate with them.

Sun, sand, volcano, and the Road to Hana. )

It was really, really hard to leave. I'd never been to Hawaii before, and it was wonderful, a place where you truly do feel happily disconnected from your real life and the real world.
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A few months ago, my sister asked me, "If you could do anything in the world for your 30th birthday, what would it be?"

To which I replied, "Watch Lincecum pitch at AT&T Park."

And so, last weekend, we found ourselves in San Francisco. )

I can see why people write songs about this city.

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Even almost three weeks later :)

It was amazing fun, being surrounded by other fans in that beautiful city, more orange and black than I'd ever seen in my entire life. Shuffling through piles of ticker tape in the aftermath of the parade as I walked to City Hall is something I'll never forget.

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Until next time, San Francisco <3
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The weekend's adventure took us to the far reaches of Southern Arizona, past Tucson and Tombstone and even further down than that. Where we found Bisbee, a former mining town and present-day artists colony. Also home to the Copper Queen, a historic and allegedly haunted hotel that counts Teddy Roosevelt, John Wayne, and at least one disgruntled prostitute amongst its guests.

In words and pictures. )

Driving around after breakfast on Sunday, we inadvertently found ourselves at the Mexican border, which was exciting, but no one batted an eyelash when we made a hasty three-point turn and headed north.

It was a good weekend.


Jul. 20th, 2010 10:57 pm
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Last weekend, we rented a charmingly out-of-date cabin in Pinetop and had a tiny, amazing break from the heat. There were morning hikes, champagne on the deck in the afternoons, and steakhouses and thunderstorms in the evenings. It was a beautiful thing to sleep with the windows open again.

We also happened upon some of the most epic mushrooms ever.


More photos. Mostly of mushrooms. Some landscape shots, too. )


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