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Good Beatles fic: Does anyone know where it is? I've been looking for days and I've found exactly three so far. Confusing.

On the plus side, I stumbled across some really amazing fanart last night. It's not usually part of my fandom experience, but fionafu0402's art is so charming, I was inexorably drawn in. NSFW most likely, and one scene of dubious consent.

I watched a bit of the Spurs/Clippers game tonight. I still get PTSD when I hear that "Go Spurs Go" chant; I should probably learn to get past it. At the end of the game, Boris Diaw grabbed Tony Parker's thigh, and then his hand, and I had Feelings about it. I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that Boris is consistently referred to as a Valuable Late-Season Acquisition by ESPN broadcasters. I loved him more than most, but that's a shit ton of Kool-Aid even by my standards.
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Charles Barkley/Johnny Weir is a crossover that does not need to happen, despite what the Tonight Show would have us believe. I knew it was going to be a volatile mix of guests (Charles, Kenny Smith, and Ernie Johnson from Inside the NBA, plus Johnny and k.d. lang), but I never expected to be watching Johnny flirt openly with Charles—and watching Charles respond with a certain self-conscious enthusiasm as he looked Johnny up and down—repeatedly. It was one of the stranger things I've ever witnessed. I mean, I don't even know what to say.

I suppose not even Charles can resist this. )

ETA: Found a video.

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My legs are killing me.

I hiked Piestewa Peak on Saturday morning: 1.2 miles up, 1.2 miles down. It's not far, but the trail was steep and challenging, and there were stretches where I wondered WTF I was doing. But the view from the summit was well worth the effort, and I love being sore, so I'm pretty okay with it in general—as long as I'm not attempting to sit or crouch or anything like that. I didn't expect it to be quite this bad, but running is not the same as hiking, and although I do walk 20 flights of stairs a day, 20 flights of stairs is not the same as 2.4 miles of rocky terrain.

A couple of pics from the top. )

On Sunday, there was a historic home tour in the Willo District. The houses in that area are incredibly unique and charming from the outside, and it was really interesting to see the insides. I get a little claustrophobic in older homes, with their walls everywhere and tiny single bathrooms. It's hard to imagine living in something like that when you were raised in a suburban Phoenix house with two-story vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan, but obviously many people do, and very happily so.

I didn't take any pictures of the houses, only of some flowering trees that I came across. Because apparently, it's spring already. )

Meanwhile, Steve Nash had a decent 48 hours.


Light the Olympic flame in Vancouver one night, fly to NBA All Star festivities in Dallas and win the Skills Challenge the next night, then play as an All Star starter the following night.

I think that deserves a little picspam. )

Good work, Steve. I'm glad this guy's on my team <3


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