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I got home last night after a week-long vacation in Florida, which was wonderful and sorely needed. We went fishing, parasailing, kayaking, swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach. I bravely scrambled hand over foot across a treacherous rocky outcropping to get to the good shelling beach—and then found no good shells. But there was a certain calmness, once the adrenaline subsided from nearly slipping to certain injury, in standing on the flatter expanse of the rocks, digging my toes into the moss and staring out at the surf, practically alone except for a lone fisherman in the waves.

I read Lol's book Cured while I was there. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the writing, but disappointed by how boring most of the content was. There were some interesting bits about the earliest days of the band, but I'd been hoping for some salacious, tell-all-style details, or at the very least some new insights into the murkier aspects of Cure canon—but no such luck. I still don't even know the specifics around how Robert and Simon met. It kills me sometimes to imagine how much of their canon is "analog"—trapped in dusty copies of NME in someone's basement, or on tapes in someone's closet, lost to the world.

I also made my way through a decent chunk of [livejournal.com profile] dream1989's "A Night Like This," which was perfect escapist beach reading.

Tumblr was also throwing down while I was away, giving us pics like this one:

Robert should've stuck with the crimping; it suited him. (He also should've stuck with the leather pants he rocked in the early years, if we want to go down the laundry list...)

Anyway, now I'm home, having a lazy day. I'm still in bed, but will get up soon to make breakfast tacos. I also think I'll get out the crock pot for dinner; it seems like that kind of weather, finally. And I might do something with the random fragments of fic that I mapped out in my head while I was away.


Oct. 21st, 2013 09:34 pm
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Annual family vacay in Sarasota, Florida, was amazing—that place is just magical, I can't even identify what it is. Maybe it was the nightly mojitos. Or the sand and the surf and the sticky, broiling sunlight (so different from Arizona). Or the long, humid runs under the fraying edges of a tropical depression.

Pics. )

If not for the fact that the demographic is skewed so sharply towards the 60+ set, I'd be inclined to move there. As it is, however, I'll stick with visiting—but when I retire in a few decades? It's on, FLA.
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I've discovered that by propping my laptop precariously in the master bedroom windowsill, I can access a random wireless network to some degree. So I'm doing so.

Florida is wondrous as ever, I love it, it's where my heart is, I don't want to leave, etc. I'm sunburned ridiculously despite my efforts to avoid exactly what has happened. But still. It is great.

My family, on the other hand, is totally batshit when they come down here, it defies description. However, my sister and I discovered the liquor cabinet the other day, so things are looking up.

(By the way, why was Ian Thorpe at the royal wedding?)
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Off to Florida in the morning, already and early. Leaving my house at 3:45am. But it means I get into Sarasota before 4pm local time, which is a beautiful thing and worth the effort.

I will leave you with this:


I've been told to request some Tim/Older Man action on the kink meme, but I don't know if the world is ready to Go There. (Maybe the Typewriters will instead?)

Have a great couple of weeks, everyone. I'll be on intermittently, depending on whether or not there's a wireless network I can steal while I'm in FLA.
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First off, happy belated birthday to [livejournal.com profile] grammar_glamour! I meant to send well-wishes on the 10th, but the internet situation in Florida was even more sketch than usual and it was very difficult to find a wireless network to steal. Regardless, I hope you had an absolutely amazing day :)

Speaking of Florida, I've been there and back, and it was beautiful—it's where my heart is, and I didn't want to come home at all. I already miss the ocean, and the wet air, and the sky mysteriously full of dragonflies.


It's kind of nice to have proper internet again, though. I only checked email twice while I was there and checked my flist exactly zero times, so let me know if there's something critical that I missed! Or, just tell me something non-critical :) I'm way behind on what's happening, with everything. I'll catch up eventually, but I didn't even realize it was Monte Carlo time already, oops.


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