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Title: "Static"
Pairing: JC Chasez/Justin Timberlake
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,203
Notes: Not much to be had in the way of plot—just a little something that popped into my head as I was driving to Christmas festivities, and then didn't leave. Many thanks to Dinah for the beta and requisite hand-holding. "I can't believe that I am thirty and betaing NSYNC slash for you." Believe it—and thank you again, my dear.
Summary: Absence makes the heart grow fonder—and leads to phone sex, naturally. Set shortly post-hiatus.

Read it @AO3, or click the cut below.

It wasn’t even like they’d been fighting, or anything. It was just the grind of it all, the general weariness and petty disagreements and minor annoyances that were inevitable when every aspect of your life—personal, professional, romantic—was endlessly tangled with someone else’s. )
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Here for this early 2000s VHS realness, as well as the JC/Justin action that starts around 1:23.

To all who celebrate, Merry Christmas!
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I remember watching this when it originally aired, goodness. I'm glad that the NSYNC Christmas CD exists, by the way. It's been making me feel so festive the last couple of weeks <3


Dec. 3rd, 2013 02:02 am
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So, like. Things got off to a rocky start when JT came out and instantaneously called us Las Vegas.

That's...not where you are, J. You can call us Phoenix, or Arizona, or AZ. But not Vegas.

Also, there are three inalienable takeaways from tonight's concert:

1. I find modern-day Justin completely unattractive. I tried, the entire night, to find flashes of the boy that I thought was so beautiful, but there was absolutely nothing. I know I'm in the minority, but I am just not feeling what's going on with him these days.

2. He cannot dance effectively in those pretentious suit thingies he insists on wearing. If you think it's good, you need to watch some vintage NSYNC concert footage on YouTube. You just do.

3. He plays a lot of crap that no one wants to listen to. If I wanted to hear Elvis songs, I'd go see one of those tribute bands at the casinos on the Indian reservation. I wouldn't be at a Justin Timberlake concert.

Apart from all of the judgement-worthy items, though, it was actually a very positive experience. Will have more thoughts + pics tomorrow.

28 hours

Dec. 1st, 2013 04:03 pm
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Justin Timberlake tomorrow night! The slow-simmering anticipation is almost like a drug—I'll be kind of sad to see that part of it end, but I'm really looking forward to the show.

Let me set the mood right. )

I'm not sure if he'll be staying at the Ritz or not, but if there are buses tomorrow, rest assured that I'll be taking a few extra walks during the workday.


Nov. 18th, 2013 10:42 pm
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After weeks of wavering indecision, I finally steeled my nerves, pulled a couple of strings at work, and scored some free JT tickets. It was kind of embarrassing, but you know, I never really take advantage of my company or my position within it, so I sort of feel like I've earned some goodwill over the last seven years.

So, I cashed in. The nostalgic pull is that strong, it's kind of alarming. It's been 13 years since I saw NSYNC during the No Strings Attached tour, and since I don't think the band's getting back together anytime soon, this is the next-best thing.

I'm going with a friend from work, and after the requisite flailing on Friday afternoon for a full 20 minutes after receiving the tickets, the question was posed to me: "Who's more excited: 17-year-old you or 30-year-old you?"

I think it'll be hard to top seeing your favorite band of the height of their fame, at the height of your love for them, at the height of your favorite member's physical beauty, on a perfect night in the Mile High City. But, you never know. I'll report back with my findings after December 2nd!
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 photo tumblr_mu7rb8NHkv1suwee0o1_500_zpsf060ca97.jpg

*updated 1/1/14

I mentioned a few weeks ago in this space that there is amazing fic in NSYNC fandom—surprisingly amazing, actually. Now that I've poked around quite a bit more, I can't fight the urge to make a recs list.

Because the fandom itself may be old and mostly-dead, but the stories have held up remarkably well...

The Recs. )

As an aside, it bears mentioning that if the story didn't involve Justin getting fucked by JC at least once, I likely didn't read it—or file it away in my memory for the purpose of this recs list (apart from a couple of outliers). There are clearly all sorts of other wonderful fics that I have no idea even exist, so please feel free to leave them in the comments, if you'd like.
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Music post ahead—

I was flipping through my old music earlier today and came across a mix CD that I made in early 2002, when I was a freshman in college. I popped it in and listened to it as I was driving around town, and good lord did it take me back—coming back to my dorm room late at night on the weekends, still slightly drunk, the smell of Auston's fabric softener transferred to my own clothes, happy and confused and just barely an adult. Those really were the days, in hindsight.

It's interesting how certain music almost becomes part of you, imprinted somewhere in your brain in such a way that even after not listening to some of these songs for over a decade, I remembered them all precisely. (If not, in a lot of cases, the exact reason why I thought they were worthy of inclusion on a mix CD at the time.)

Tracklisting and related thoughts under the cut: )
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 photo tumblr_mtqztdUyXC1rkcmtyo1_500_zps90cd975a.jpg

But I have none, beyond the casual observation that their shirts remind me of Trapper Keepers that I had in third grade.
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Don't mind me. I'm just rockin' out like it's 2000, enjoying the blessed reality of not having to attend yet another industry function tonight. Because after a week of it, I don't think I could stomach ten more minutes of self-congratulatory douchebaggery, even with the free drinks.

Best choreography, btw.

(Not to be confused with the fluorescent chaps-wearing, bull-riding, abominable horror that this song became during PopOdyssey. Because seriously what was that. I saw it with my own eyes for the first time tonight, and just. No no no.)

In my city

Aug. 31st, 2013 02:12 pm
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 photo 1236623_10102810234200031_1204251418_n_zpse4a6ecd3.jpg

Giants/Diamondbacks, six innings of shutout ball from Tim, Buster catching him behind the plate. )


I've been reading a lot of NSYNC fic the last week or so, mainly because so much of it is surprisingly amazing. It doesn't hurt that plenty falls under the beloved "pretty, talented boy gets systematically overwhelmed by the guy who's older, more experienced, and determined to completely take him over" trope. That's not exactly how it goes in my own personal Justin/JC headcanon, but I think, actually, that I like it better—bulletproof kink. etc.

If I'd known all this good fic was out there, I think my fandom trajectory would have been quite different. But my NSYNC days predated my slash days by a couple of years, which in the end is kind of too bad. I have no use for present-day Justin whatsoever, but that boy at 19? Goodness. It makes me think so many thoughts.
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Well, okay then. I was hoping for a bit more than 1:29 of NSYNC tonight (especially when half of that time was utterly wasted on "Girlfriend," one of the most insipid songs in their catalog), but I guess it shows that you can never go back.

Still, it made me nostalgic, and in hindsight very happy that I saw them during the No Strings Attached tour, when this was basically the best thing I had seen up to that point:

Boy band zenith, IMO.

I tore up the house for a while tonight looking for the floppy disk that contains the NSYNC Mary Sue that I wrote back when it was the height of technology to save such things on floppy disks. I'm a little worried that I threw it away a couple of years ago, but perhaps it's tucked away somewhere in my wreck of a closet. I have vague recollections of the storyline, but I can't remember the details. Searching for it will be an ongoing project, now that I've become obsessed with finding it again. Funny what an anticlimactic little reunion will do to a person.


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